Due to the Covid-19 virus, we’ve had to postpone our event.  Here is where you can support local people, making local goods.  There is no better way to keep our economy going than to visit our vendors, buying products from them instead of big box stores, and helping put food on their tables.  We thank you for being a part of this event, and thank you Clark County Live! for helping support local vendors alike. Although this list isn’t a complete list of vendors we’ll have at the event, these are the ones weathering the storm with us:


Thank you for sticking with us during this tough time!  We are lucky to have such good relationships with our sponsors.



Wine is being shipped directly to your door, many times at a discounted rate.  All of our wineries are PNW small businesses. What’s better than supporting local? Supporting local with wine!



Each of our vendors has a unique offering.  From soaps and jewelry, to cocktail mixes and snacks, you’re sure to enjoy your products while helping small business in our area.  That’s a win-win!  Happy shopping.