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Kickoff to Festival Season

Tribute Night!

8:30-10 - Fat Bottomed Girls
Salem, OR

A female fronted rock band showcasing the hits of Queen, Heart, Pat Benatar and Joan Jett, And if they had long hair and wore makeup, we’ll play those tunes too!


6-8pm - Thomas Mann


Double Headliner Saturday:

8-10pm - Nick Mardon Blues Trio
Seattle, WA

Their songs mix the blues sounds of Stevie Ray Vaughn and Eric Clapton with rock, pop and jazz influences. At 17 years old, Nick has already played shows at the Moore and Paramount. These guys rock!


5:30-7:30 - Chris Carpenter & The Collective

4-5 - Coloso

2:30-3:30 - Ryan Antoine


1:15-2 - Jenny LaJoye

Noon-12:45 - Trish Woodbury ft. Clayton Knight and Stephen Johnson



Legendary Beers Bloodys & Blues

5-7pm - Bordertown


3-4:30 - Beaver Boogie Band

1:15-2:30 - The Capacitors

Noon-12:45 - Nick Mardon Blues Trio
Seattle, WA

Previous Acts:

Terry Robb

Calvin Walker

TLS Journey

Ryan Antoine

Known as Anonymous

Tribute to Led Zeppelin

Candy-O Tribute to The Cars

Gypsy Marshall Duo

Chris Carpenter

Heyden Adama

Beaver Boogie Band


Echoes of Yasgurs

Collection of Lone Souljahs (Coloso)

Shui Long

Michelle D'Amore & The Love Dealers

Gold Dust - Tribute to Fleetwood Mac

Workin' for the Weekend - Loverboy Tribute



Check out our music lineup, and see why this is one of the best things to do in Vancouver!

Be a part of your community! Esther Short Park, June 7-9.