Participating Wineries

Wineries are in for June 10-12 at the Craft Beer & Winefest of Vancouver!  Looking for things to do in Vancouver?  Come to the Craft Beer & Winefest!  We'll have great live music, excellent food, custom menus for wine pairing.  While you're out wine tasting, grab a full glass of wine, enjoy the entertainment, and take bottles to go when you are ready to go home.

~Wineries Listed By Region~

Clark County Wineries

Burnt Bridge Cellars

Vancouver, WA
Visit Burnt Bridge Cellars' Website

Participating Wines:
Burnt Bridge Cellars 2013 Blend O
Burnt Bridge Cellars 2013 Grenache
Burnt Bridge Cellars 2013 Pont Brule
Burnt Bridge Cellars 2015 Rose
Burnt Bridge Cellars Carte Blanche
Burnt Bridge Cellars Couve Cuvee
Burnt Bridge Cellars Merlot
Burnt Bridge Cellars Tempranillo

Double V Distillery

Double V Distillery

Battle Ground, Washington
Visit Double V Distillery's Website

Participating Spirits:
Viscova Vodka
Colonel Cobb Moonshine
Colonel Cobb Apple Pie
Griffon Gin

Emanar Cellars

Battle Ground, Washington
Visit Emanar Cellars' Website

Participating Wines:
Albarino Alce
Rosado Vituca
Garnacha Centenaria

English Estate Winery


Vancouver, Washington
Visit English Estate Winery's Website

Participating Wines:

2013 Rose de Noir
2015 Gewurztramuner (dry)
20133 Pinot Noir
Sweet Autumn Gold

Heisen House Vineyards


Battle Ground, Washington
Visit Heisen House Vineyards' Website

Participating Wines:
Barn Owl White
2012 Merlot
2012 Tempranillo
2011 Syrah

Koi Pond Cellars


Ridgefield, Washington
Visit Koi Pond Cellars' Website

Geisha White
Sauvignon Blanc
2012 Merlot
Geisha Red

Olequa Cellars


Battle Ground, Washington
Visit Olequa Cellars' Website

Participating Wines:

2013 Riesling
2014 Viognier
2013 Cabernet Franc Rose
2010 Olequa Red
2010 Cabernet Sauvignon

Rezabek Vineyards


Battle Ground, Washington
Visit Rezabek Vineyards' Website

Participating Wines:
2013 Chardonnay
2014 Tempranillo
2015 Sunset Rose
Solstice - Red Blend

Rusty Grape Vineyard


Battle Ground, Washington
Visit Rusty Grape's Website

Participating Wines:
2013 Riesling
Take Flight White
Recession Red Table Wine
2012 Merlot

Stavalaura Vineyards

Clark County, Washington
Visit Stavalaura Cellars' Website

Participating Wines:


Eastern Washington Wineries

Basel Cellars

basel cellars

Walla Walla, Washington
Visit Basel Cellars' Website

Participating Wines:
2013 Semillon - Sauvignon Blanc
2010 Claret
2010 Merlot
2010 Cabernet Savignon

Bontzu Cellars

bontzu cellars

Walla Walla, Washington
Visit Bontzu Cellars' Website

Participating Wines:

Five Star Cellars

five star cellars

Walla Walla Valley, Washington
Visit Five Star Cellars' Website

Participating Wines:
2013 Semillon
2011 Sangiovese
2010 Syrah
2009 Cabernet



Zillah, WA
Visit Reflection Vineyards' Website

Participating Wines:

Be a part of your community! Esther Short Park, June 10-12, Vancouver, USA.


Western Washingon Wineries

Bateaux Cellars


Toledo, Washington
Visit Bateaux Cellars' Website

Participating Wines:
2014 Muscato
2014 Rose of Sangiovese
2014 Vilaine
2012 Cabernet Sauvignon
2012 Syrah

Michael Florentino Cellars

Woodinville, Washington
Visit Michael Florentino Cellars' Facebook Page

Participating Wines:

14' Mistura Blanco
14' Rose' 
11' Tempranillo
11' Sangiovese

Gecko Wines

Woodinville, Washington
Visit Gecko Cellars' Website

Participating Wines:

2014 Pinot Gris  
2009 Chameleon  

Mill Lane Winery


Tenino, Washington
Visit Mill Lane Winery's Website

Participating Wines:
Beyond the Arc
Tropical Tradewinds
Blackberry Truffle

Major Creek Cellars


White Salmon, Washington
Visit Major Creek Cellars' Website

Participating Wines:
2013 Syrah
2012 Goodness Gracie Red Blend
2013 Pinot Noir
2014 Waterfall Rose

Naked Winery

Portland, OR
Visit Mill Lane Winery's Website

Participating Wines:

Be a part of your community! Esther Short Park, June 10-12, Vancouver, USA.